MacCoffee and Pyatnica TV Channel

News/Events on 3 May , 2018

MacCoffee and Pyatnica TV channel gave away dream getaways to competition winners

MacCoffee, in collaboration with Pyatnica TV channel, are celebrating two happy occasions — the release of MacCoffee Strong and the successful reboot of the Orel ili Reshka (Heads or Tails) TV show — with an exciting competition called “I want to go on a getaway!” The gifts included trips to one of the cities visited by the hosts of “Head or Tails: Rebooted”.

According to the rules, two winners would be chosen and each could take a friend with them! They had to follow several simple steps: Choose their “dream city” on a special website; Sign up with their social media account; Follow the MacCoffee page and share a post stating their preferred dream city. Istanbul or London? Peking or Tokyo? Ibiza or Barcelona? It was a indeed a difficult choice for MacCoffee lovers!

The winners were Ekaterina Khalikova and Kristina Scherbakova who won trips to the Canaries and Zanzibar respectively. This proves that any dream can become a reality – all you need is a little luck and, of course, a love for coffee!

Not only does MacCoffee Strong offer a distinct taste and a rush of energy, it also makes us a little stronger and tougher with each sip – the key to win and travel the world!