About Us

girl-drinking-herbal-coffeeSGX Mainboard-listed Food Empire Holdings (Food Empire) is a multinational food and beverage manufacturing and distribution group headquartered in Singapore. With a portfolio spanning instant beverages, snack food, and a growing presence in food ingredients, Food Empire’s products are sold in over 60 countries across North Asia, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, and North America. Supported by 8 manufacturing facilities in 5 countries and 23 offices worldwide, Food Empire is poised for even greater success.

Food Empire offers an enticing range of branded beverages and snacks, including classic and flavoured coffee mixes and cappuccinos, chocolate drinks, fruit-flavoured teas, bubble tea, instant cereal blends, and crispy potato snacks. Its food ingredients business features the finest freeze-dried and spray-dried instant coffee, as well as non-dairy creamer.

Food Empire owns a family of proprietary brands – including MacCoffee, Café PHO, Petrovskaya Sloboda, Klassno, Hillway and Kracks. MacCoffee – the Group’s flagship brand – has been consistently ranked as the leading 3-in-1 instant coffee brand in the Group’s core markets. The Group employs sophisticated brand building activities, localised to match the flavour of the local markets in which its products are sold.

Since its public listing in 2000, Food Empire has won numerous accolades and awards including being recognised as one of the “Most Valuable Singapore Brands” by IE Singapore (now known as Enterprise Singapore), while MacCoffee has been ranked as one of “The Strongest Singapore Brands”. Forbes Magazine has thrice named Food Empire as one of the “Best under a Billion” companies in Asia and the company has also been awarded as one of Asia’s “Top Brands” by Influential Brands.

Food Empire is dedicated to sustainability, as evidenced by the receipt of the Sustainability Award at the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) 20th Investors’ Choice Award – and it also emerged as the winner of The Enterprise Award at the Singapore Business Awards 2020/2021.