Bicycle Day Dnepr-2018

News/Events on 26 May , 2018

The huge annual city event in Ukraine, “Bicycle Day Dnepr-2018”, was sponsored by MacCoffee, organised by DAEC (sports organization) and Faberge-Media. The event promotes healthy lifestyle, family values and sports.

More than 6,000 cyclists and thousands of spectators gathered at the Festival berth for the first time in
14 years. It had garnered substantial media coverage, with more than 30 publications and all TV channels reporting on the event, and was buzzing through social media.

At the start of the bike ride, all participants of “Bicycle Day Dnepr-2018” were treated with a cup of hot
MacCoffee. The ambience was lively and everyone was in a fantastic mood! People from all walks of life
participated in various categories- Men and Women races, the “BikeDay18 multirace”, Children’s cross-
country race, etc. The winners were also awarded with gifts from MacCoffee. This project is considered
a major sporting event of the year in the Dnieper!