Distribution Of Instant 3in1 Beverages To Frontliners Of Raffles Medical Vaccination Centre @ Marine Parade Community Club

News/Events on 27 Aug , 2021

Singapore – The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees and medical frontliners worked tirelessly round the clock to save lives, provide medical care as well as vaccination for people around the world.

In the heartiest appreciation to some of these frontliners, Food Empire partnered Majeton to distribute instant 3in1 beverages like “Klassno” and “MacTea” in sachets to all staff at the vaccination centre by Raffles Medical @ Marine Parade Community Club. The sachets form gave staff the flexibility to enjoy during their breaks or at home after a long day.

Klassno and MacTea, two of the many brands under Food Empire is an instant 3in1 coffee mainly sold in
Middle-East, and an instant 3in1 tea mix mainly sold in Eastern Europe respectively.

Thanks to Majeton, a medical supplement company and the bridge linking Food Empire with Raffles
Medical for the distribution. Supporting the logistics and distributions on the day was Timothy See,
representative of Food Empire, and Martin Eak representing Majeton.

We hope these frontliners will stay strong in this long battle with the pandemic and their every efforts will always be appreciated