Food Empire climbs 6 notches to 59th place for this year’s “Most Valuable Singaporean Brands” by Brand Finance

News/Events on 8 Aug , 2018

Food Empire Holdings Limited is pleased to announce its recognition as one of the Top 100 “Most Valuable Singaporean Brands” by Brand Finance, the world’s leading valuation and strategy consultancy. Specifically, the Group was ranked 59th place in the brand ranking, after a series of assessment done by estimating the likely future sales that are attributable to a particular brand and calculating the royalty rate that would be charged for the use of the brand assuming it was not already owned. This is an improvement of 6 notches from the prior placing attained in 2017, bearing testimony to the quality of the Food Empire brand.

Commenting on the ranking, the Group’s Executive Chairman, Mr Tan Wang Cheow, said, “We are pleased with the Group’s performance at this year’s awards. It is a validation of our efforts to enhance brand equity. Moving forward, we will continue to leverage on our strong branding to grow our global customer base and deliver greater value to our shareholders.”