Food Empire Supports “Give a Line, Change a Life” Project

News/Events on 9 Dec , 2019

Food Empire is pleased to announce its involvement in the “Give a Line, Change a Life” project.

Organised by Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Limited (“ISCOS”), an organisation that supports ex-offenders, their children and families, this project serves to ease ex-offenders’ integration into society by giving them ready access to modern-day mobile technology while providing them an effective avenue to reconnect with their family and friends.

The Group’s Executive Chairman, Mr Tan Wang Cheow, said, “At Food Empire, we take pride in our corporate social responsibility and are always committed to helping those in our community. With mobile phones and connectivity becoming an increasingly important part of our modern-day lives today, we felt that this “Give a Line, Change a Life” project will be especially meaningful in lending support to ex-offenders and their families. Through it, we seek to help them start afresh, rebuild their lives and reconnect with society.”