Evergreen, sun-drenched and filled with crystal clear air, the high mountain slopes of Ceylon are one of the best places on the planet to grow tea.

    The taste of Ceylon tea is unique. Its unique character surprises and attracts true connoisseurs of this ancient drink all over the world. Tasting real tea grown and blended exclusively in Sri Lanka is an indescribable pleasure that we can now afford.

    All Hillway tea blends are created by the best tea testers, whose knowledge of the traditions of making Ceylon tea is carefully preserved and passed on from generation to generation on the island of Sri Lanka. This makes the Hillway tea collection particularly interesting. And it has already been appreciated at its true worth among connoisseurs and connoisseurs of tea.

    The Hillway range includes a full palette of black and green tea blends. This allows you to enjoy the quality and freshness of a traditional Ceylon drink every day, while still being amazed at Hillway’s new flavors.