MacCoffee Takes A Huge Step Towards Saving The Planet By Introducing Sustainable Benches

Russia – MacCoffee is committed in its contribution towards an eco-friendly planet with the introduction of modern technologies in line with the current sustainability trends.

In partnership with “EcoTechnology”, eco-friendly benches were produced using materials that are sustainable, one of which being recycled MacCoffee sachets. These benches were supplied to the city of Dmitrov, Russia in October 2021 and installed at Birch Grove Park.

Polymer sand composite (PPC) was mixed with recycled MacCoffee sachets, forming the main material used for these benches. PPC is lightweight, reliable, environmentally friendly and durable. Depending on the size and design, each bench uses between 1700 to 2460 MacCoffee sachets to produce. The silver dots that are visible on the bench as seen on the photos, are little pieces of MacCoffee sachets.

Proper waste sorting and recycling of such material provides an opportunity to create useful things, and giving it a second purpose of life. Our future, health and the wellness of this planet depends on each and every one of us. We will grow to love our environment better with each passing day. Start doing your part in taking care of this planet with MacCoffee.