SGX Orb Awards 2020 – Food Empire Story Feature Wins “Hidden Gem” Category

News/Events on 9 Oct , 2020

We would like to congratulate Samantha Chiew from The Edge for winning the SGX Orb Awards 2020 for “The Hidden Gem” category with Food Empire’s story feature. This award seeks to honour the best feature or analysis of an under-covered stock listed on SGX, uncovering a fresh angle that investors or analysts may have missed. The criteria of this award category is having the ability to turn complex concepts into clear and precise storytelling.

If you have not known, Food Empire’s success story is an interesting one. Before Food Empire forayed into the world of coffee, Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Tan Wang Cheow, originally started the business in electronics. It is through the combination of business foresight and strategy, sheer perseverance, as well as the determination to survive and excel that propelled Food Empire to success.

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